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SimPoints may be redeemed for The Sims 3 Content on The Sims 3 Store, or used on The Sims 2 Store . SimPoints cannot be sold or transferred, and cannot be exchanged for cash or for any other goods and services. You are not entitled to a refund for any unused SimPoints.Subject to the terms of this Agreement, your SimPoints license is coextensive with your right to use an EA Account. The term of your SimPoints license starts when you acquire SimPoints and, subject to this Agreement, ends on the day that your EA Account cancelled, suspended or terminated, or your SimPoints expire as set forth in Sections 10, 13 and 14 of this Agreement.

The series gained popularity in 2021 after a number of YouTubers posted videos covering it. As of July 2022, the series has 9 videos consisting of 4 “”volumes.”” An indie game inspired by the series was created, titled Maple County. If you are looking for the perfect cuddly companion for your child, niece or nephew, look no further than Alibaba.com for the best zombies vs plants. Available in an assortment of colors and adorable varieties such as cats, bears, dogs, elephants, birds, tigers, and more; these zombies vs plants are sure to delight children and the child in every adult alike. Zombies vs plants are an important toy for children to nurture their empathy, and are also perfect to gift to a significant other.pop over to this website plantvszombieplush.com

The man seen in the video was later identified as Byron Cortez, a citizen of the United States Virgin Islands. The Expressionless is a story that was added to the Creepypasta Tumblr in June 2012. The story is set in June 1972, where a woman appeared in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center wearing only a gown drenched in blood. The woman had a mannequin-like face and a kitten clamped in her jaw. She pulled the animal out and threw it aside, and then collapsed. The staff attempted to restrain her, but it didn’t stop her from brutally massacring and cannibalizing the entirety of the present personnel using her sharp teeth.

Torture Soup or Blank Room Soup is a video in which a man is seen reluctantly eating a bowl of soup with a large spoon. Midway through the video, the man begins sobbing uncontrollably while two masked people caress his head and back. There are several theories about the clip, one of them affirms that the man who appears in the video had to endure four days of starvation, and then he was forced to eat the remains of his deceased wife and children. On January 7, 2022, YouTuber and VFX artist Kane Pixels uploaded a short analog horror film The Backrooms , which follows a cameraman who records his experience in The Backrooms after he noclips in. Since then, it has garnered acclaim from the viewers, with over 42 million views as of November 21. Since the original upload, Kane has expanded upon his take on the Backrooms lore with more videos.

For example, “”Contingency”” shows a hijacking where a foreign country had allegedly captured America and the broadcast tells the viewers to commit suicide via gunshot. The broadcast then concludes that “”the 51st state is not a place”” before the broadcast abruptly changes to a message apologizing for the ‘hoax’ that had been played on-air. Another entry in the series, “”Weather Service””, details through Emergency Alert System messages a seemingly-apocalyptic alien event involving the Moon or a force based on it ‘infecting’ those who gaze at the satellite. The Backrooms is a short passage originally posted to 4chan’s /x/ board in 2019 as a caption to a photograph of a hallway with yellow carpets and wallpaper. Over time, The Backrooms has been successively expanded into a mythos, with online writers adding information on new levels, entities, items, and phenomena within the Backrooms. During the term of your license, you have the right to redeem SimPoints for selected The Sims 3 Content.

The haunted version of the game contains an eldritch entity known as X, who takes on a form almost identical to Sonic, with bloodied, black eyes and glowing red pupils. In each of the three levels, Tom plays as Tails, Knuckles, and Doctor Eggman, only for them to be killed and enslaved by X at the end of them. After all the characters are killed, a “”hyper-realistic”” image of the character appears with the caption “”I AM GOD””. Tom turns around, only to see a stuffed Sonic toy crying blood on his bed, his fate unknown. These creepypasta focus on video games containing grotesque or violent content; this content may spill over into the real world and cause the player to harm themselves or others.

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