The United States Secret Service originated the term “executive protection” with the creation of the “Executive Protection Service” to guard visiting foreign dignitaries.

Persons providing protection in overseas areas are usually locals who come from a military, law enforcement, or security background and who have been vetted. However, the leader of the protection cadre should be an on-site employee of the company such as a member of the security department located at the company’s stateside headquarters. The same applies when a senior executive travels abroad openly such as to a conference is well known to the public.

Many people use the terms “executive protection” and “bodyguard” interchangeably; however, there are vast differences between the two types of security services. An executive protection agent can at times fill the role of a bodyguard – but not vice-versa. Executive protection services are for clients who wish to implement a mobile, inner layer of security for themselves and/or family members. While the reasons may vary, executive protection services allow clients to continue their normal routines safely and with minimal disruption. Executive protection is a specialized type of mobile, personal protection service for a high net worth or high-profile individual.

We gain a unique understanding of local realities and potential threats, so we can apply exclusive on-the-ground knowledge and deliver tailored solutions. During large gatherings, such as sporting events and shows, one of the primary responsibilities of event security consulting professionals is to maintain order. Every event is unique, but security remains important for all types of events, if only to ensure access control and provide first aid.

Some issues we bring to light can be addressed with no extra cost or staffing. The MPS Security team will work closely with you to pinpoint your security needs, concerns, and vulnerabilities and develop a protection plan that prioritizes your safety. We will also ensure that you know all the people involved with your security efforts and put secure channels of communication in place should you ever have questions or concerns.

Constellis provides executive protection services for high profile individuals to ensure their safety and prevent security issues. Our discreet professionals specialize in helping government and commercial customers protect VIP personnel. With decades of experience, our protective security specialists are continually recognized for their commitment to professionalism and quality service. In the United States, executive protection services are regulated at the state level and in most cases require licensing, insurance, training and a separate concealed carry permit. Also, the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 (aka HR-218) does not serve as a license for off-duty law enforcement officers to provide executive protective services. Hiring unlicensed, uninsured protection services, including those offered by off-duty law enforcement officers, creates direct liability for the client.

•In-house and external event organizers or communication services that are engaged in public relations and media activities related to the executive and family are aware of security issues. Our team brings extensive experience from the military and law enforcement experience and can operate in any environment around the world. When it comes to event security, trusting the professionals can make all the difference. Risk Threat and Vulnerability Assessments – Planning any security mission begins with intelligence gathering and threat evaluation. The RTVA is the foundation for all security operations and focuses on identifying threats, creating and mitigating countermeasures related to those threats, and devising actionable recommendations to the client in a clear and concise format. Solutions can take the form of close protection, loose-follow overwatch, or a combination of both and can be altered to fit the needs of the client at their discretion.

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