Tnc International Outward Remittance

Please also note that the financial institution might initiate closure of your account held with us without prior discover and report the matter to Reserve Bank of India (RBI), if the banks finds at any level of time that you’ve made a wrongful declaration right here. The remittance does not represent a transaction listed in Schedule I or Schedule II […]

Online payment processing for your business Micropayment

They are also an important tool for merchants to confirm payments, verify user accounts, and issue store credit. Since all the above points are now achievable, micropayment has recently been reconsidered as a viable technology, largely due to the development of cellular networks. The main reason for this is not technological but more down to simple economics. Another interesting research […]

How To Avoid Credit Card Fees

The good news is that it’s easy to avoid paying bank fees if you are aware of them ahead of time. You can shop around for options that have fewer fees, and we include some recommendations later on. Cash withdrawals are usually free for an owner of a Dutch debit card, both within the Netherlands and in the rest of […]