A two-in-one swaddle has elements of a swaddle, typically with wings that can be wrapped around a baby’s arms, but has a looser leg area that mimics a sleep sack. The popular baby carrier company also makes a trustworthy swaddle blanket. It has a Healthy Hip Positioner to help encourage the “”frog leg”” position, which is ergonomically friendly for a baby’s developing hips. The bottom piece can be removed for easy diaper changes, or left off completely during warm nights. The American Academy of Pediatrics has excellent swaddling instructions and guidelines, as does this video. If you registered for swaddle blankets, you can even pack one in your hospital bag so you can practice using it.

Yes, obviously, but sleep-deprived parents might appreciate this tidbit of information. However, because there are four stages and each one is a unique product, you may find that your baby outgrows it faster than you’d like. The top wings are ideal for fastening, and there’s a bottom leg pouch opening to allow for easy diaper changes. This brand makes every parent feel like a swaddling and diaper-changing pro. My blog is full of things to help you celebrate motherhood including baby nursery ideas, sleep schedules and sleep tips, fun printables, baby registry must-haves, and so much more. Hands down the Little Sleepies best swaddle blankets sets come in some of the cutest designs!

This adorable swaddle blanket was designed specifically to keep your baby’s arms up, which is their natural sleeping position. Simply slip your baby’s legs into the bottom swaddle pouch and place each arm in one of the patented arm wings. Your baby will be able to touch their face with the soft material while still enjoying the calming effect of swaddling. This brand’s take on swaddle blankets encourages baby’s legs to be in the M-shaped frog position, which is recommended to avoid hip dysplasia. The removable bottom piece can also lift for quick diaper changes, while the pocket sleeves help securely hold baby’s arms.

Not all swaddles serve the same purpose, and incorrectly swaddling your baby can damage their hips. As a parenting writer and a mom of three, I’ve handled my fair share of baby items. In addition to putting these swaddles to the test with my own infant, I recruited four other families to test swaddles with their own babies, ranging in age from 2 to 12 weeks. This all-cotton swaddle uses less-restrictive exterior wings, and it has armholes for extended wear. The Velcro is loud, however, and it’s easier to escape from than our top pick.

Avoid swaddling when the baby is not sleeping but trying to play or move. While this may seem logical, the idea is to swaddle the baby only when you are trying to calm him or put him to bed. Places the arms tightly towards the sides thus preventing a startling reflex, which not just wakes babies up from their slumber but could also increase the heart rate. As the arms are held close together even if the baby gets startled, he wouldn’t wake up suddenly. If your little one is fine without swaddling, then you may not need one at all. It may take a few tries before you get the hang of the process but before you know it, you’ll be a swaddling pro.

The original swaddle wrap, the Miracle Blanket has been top-rated for over a decade! Unlike most other swaddle wraps, the Miracle Blanket does not use any Velcro, instead using a relatively unique wrapping process that ultimately doesn’t need any closure mechanism. The process is to secure the arms into the blanket using two little flaps, then wrap a short flap over the arms and tummy, then wrap the big flap around the entire body to secure it all. Parents who use the Miracle Blanket have typically perfected the wrap over several weeks, figuring out the ideal tightness for their baby.

It will help calm fussiness, and often it lengthens the baby’s sleep duration, too. When your little one is born as a preemie, they might not be ready for the worldly sounds and lights. Thanks to the best swaddle for preemie, with which your little one can feel protected and warm. Preemies have sensitive skin, so having a swaddle designed especially for them is essential.

They aim to provide their customers with sustainable, effortless designs that they can enjoy during pregnancy and after their babies are born. They focus on comfort for both mothers and their babies, which is evident in the design of this dream swaddle. People rave about the Sleepea but warn that you might need to buy a variety of sizes to get the right fit as you keep up with your growing baby. However, when the fit is right, they say that even the most Houdini-like babies were wiggle-free. Like most types of baby gear, swaddles are not one-size-fits-all.

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