After 180 days,Paypal will send you an email asking how you want your money back,it can send you a bank check or unrestricted your account so you can move the money to your bank account. Also, sending a withdrawal request on a weekend day usually delays receiving your money for a few business days. Withdrawals are only processed on Mondays-Fridays. The same holds true for withdrawal requests on holidays.

If you haven’t already, set up the necessary account verification and bank account links before you need money fast. This way, you can withdraw money from PayPal when you need it without having to wait days or weeks. You can withdraw money from your PayPal account to a bank account, debit card, or by check. These flexible options let you use PayPal as a kind of mobile bank. But keep in mind that each of the above methods requires some planning or preparation on your part.

Just had an account with high balance frozen after receiving a chargeback from a very dishonest merchant. Since it was a payment on an app, the Paypal wrap made the decision all by himself that my 2 year old SaaS app was not trustworthy and Paypal account limited for 180 days. Most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. If you run a business, take your money elsewhere because PayPal will derail your whole operation. Out of nowhere they put a limitation on my account asking for more information and then never responded to information I submitted, while counting down the days to restricting my account.

This is why I recommend ALL online companies get a REAL merchant account. I would advise anyone with a Business to stay away from Paypal. Theres too much of a risk involved with them having complete control of your money. Would you really turn over all of your money and lifesavings to a complete stranger who offers you no guarantees about how they handle your money? Keep in mind thats what you are literally doing everytime you use them. They are not regulated by the government and they don’t have to play by the rules.

The reason is ‘This is our final decision and will not be appealed’. I had been with them for over 10 years as well and I sold a few items here and there. But I used my account for mostly buying on ebay. I had an incident where I became the victim of identity theft and fraud. Someone hacked into my account and used my account to purchase items.

NOW they refuse to let me even pay someone’s invoice with my credit card because of what happened years ago & this has NOTHING to do with the company I had back then. I just lost 5 hours of my work day yesterday dealing with the stress of trying to pay someone’s Pay Pal invoice. Most of the complaints I’ve come across seem to indicate that Paypal will rarely hold your funds for longer than 6 months, but 6 months can be a long time if you need access to your money. You should avoid conducting “high-risk” transactions through PayPal whenever possible. For example, selling items that do not comply with PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy. Other practices considered “high risk,” like selling high-dollar value items or engaging in crowdfunded programs, may require additional screening or fraud detection software.

So if i need to pay for something with paypal i’ll transfer money over and then to paypal.. Setting account limitations is PayPal’s way of alerting a user about problems with their account. These issues could stem from a single questionable transaction, a single instance of non-compliance, or repetitive disputes.

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