Forex Robotron is the result of many years of development and testing to deliver one of the best forex robots for the MetaTrader 4 platform. Importantly, these back tests were conducted in the MT4 strategy tester using real tick data, variable spreads, commissions, swaps and slippage. This ensures maximum modelling quality at 99% and the best possible back testing conditions possible in MT4. In this forex robotron ea review, I will be taking a detailed look at the excellent Forex Robotron EA. This forex robot is one of the few that I have seen stand the test of time.

For instance, the 25-pip rule on stop loss is supposed to make a potential client believe that the auto-trader will protect their investments in times of volatility. They even have the profit calculator as the first thing that greets you upon loading their site. Forex Robotron is a piece of software designed specifically for the MetaTrader 4 forex trading platform. You can use it with any broker, as long as they have MT4, however, the developer does recommend that you opt for an ECN/STP broker.

Continue reading our review of Forex Robotron to learn exactly how the robot works and whether or not it could help to improve your trading activity. There is no required amount required to start using this trading robot. You should only use an amount that you feel comfortable with and can afford to lose.

Another trader shared that he was not satisfied with using Robotron and asked the creator of the robot to make modifications. And he said he was successful in providing profits with his own modifications. The trading results of each user vary, due to many factors, such as slippage, spread, server speed of each broker, and so on. User review for Forex Robotron on FPAThere are multiple drawbacks to this Forex robot. First of all, there is no data available on the vendor.

I am looking forward to trading next year with Robotron Version 25. Please keep an eye out for these going forward as I continue to provide more and more in-depth reviews of all the top ranked automated robots in this market. It’s quite clear that the developers of this EA need to reestablish their dedication to trading results if they want to be considered for our best Forex robot ranking system. Screenshots of my FX book accounts without allowing us access only draws suspicion. If you or anyone else can clear up why this is the case then please feel free to leave a comment below with your reasoning. The high potential profit and ‘Foolproof’ backtesting results were meant to safeguard Forex Robotron customers.

You will also discover a helpful installation and configuration guide to assist with getting started. Additionally, you might find a link to download this EA on partnered broker’s websites. Forex Robotron allows you to tweak a variety of settings, which include lot size, risk percentage, trading style and more.

I keep you updated about the trading results on the live account. There are some Myfxbook verified accounts where you can see the latest Forex Robotron EA results. This can be a good way for you to get an idea of how the robot trades and analyse the latest statistics. Up to date results are one of the most important things too look for when choosing a suitable forex robot. Without them, we wouldn’t have any idea of how good or bad a system has been performing in the current market conditions which are constantly evolving.

Anyways, for reference, I am running Robotron on 2 real accounts and one demo account. Thanks for stopping by Forex Robot Nation and feel free to browse the rest of the website to see what you can learn from our established community. Currently the number one rated robot is Forex Fury as it continues to win over 90% of its trades.

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