In her paper Depictions of Intellectual Disability in Fiction Anupama Iyer, consultant psychiatrist in adolescent developmental disabilities for St Andrew’s Healthcare, discussed this connection. Fear, of the body growing into adulthood while the mind stays behind in childhood . Fear, of how the first-person voice of a character with Down syndrome might change the landscape of the modern narrative, and perhaps even fear that the character with Down syndrome will transgress all normative boundaries. After all, readers don’t just respond to novels with characters who have Down syndrome, they devour them.

As Sabeel, who has Down syndrome, goes about her daily life, she discovers that she’s surrounded by superheroes, from the crossing guard to her therapist to everyone in her family. Sign up for our Book Deals newsletter and get up to 80% off books you actually want to read. Matthew wants to write about his older brother Ben who has Down syndrome for a school project on individuals who the students admire.

When the debate was over my brother and I had the first real fight we’d ever had. I said he was a grandstander and an attention hog and that these were the people who could give me a job when I finished my PhD. I said all the stuff I had never said before and had never even allowed myself to think. We have 10% off everything for a limited time only from NOW until Monday 28th November @ShopDHorizons. Enter your email address to receive updates on all of our book reviews. While 16-year old Cheyenne’s mom runs into the store for her pneumonia medicine, Griffin steals their car with Cheyenne in it.

They are middle reader books and great for upper elementary. My lovely daughter, Holland, has Down syndrome, and you’re right, finding good books representing them accurately or at all has been a challenge. I’m excited to see this Mallko and Dad book; looks funny! And the words about “I don’t accept him” definitely rings true. As you can see, her Down syndrome is mentioned, is visible, and is not the sole thing that defines her. She has interests and a life and people that care about for info

Sign up to our newsletters full of updates, activities, ways to support us and fun ideas to inspire children to read. In the UK, theDown’s Syndrome Association also coordinate a full awareness week. This year’s theme celebrates the many different ways people with Down’s syndrome make a difference to their communities. You can read and share amazing stories and follow it all on Twitter (#LeaveNoOneBehind, #LotsOfSocks and #WorldDownSyndromeDay are all hashtags being used).

Iris is a Deaf girl who feels alone at her school and in her immediate hearing family. At school, Iris finds a connection to Blue 55, a whale who is called the loneliest whale in the world because his song is at a different hertz than other whales. She uses her compassionate heart, intelligence, and tinkering skills to write and record a whale song that Blue 55 will hear to know that he’s not alone. Even though she sends the song to the research station tracking Blue 55, Iris wants to see him for herself.

Meet Hannah, a little girl and superhero princess with Down Syndrome. Hannah leads us through her magical superpowers including Compassion, Kindness, Trust, Love and several more…. The book is chock full of helpful hints on how to be a good friend to someone with Down Syndrome.

I don’t know why those expectations feed into our cultural understanding of what people with Down syndrome achieve, especially when so many of us have lived experience that says otherwise. This storybook explains brain injury through the experiences of a young robot, Tim Tron. The reader sees Tim Tron before his accident and then goes on a journey with him as he copes with change and going back to school. Finding My Way Books now included on Piper’s Key, an organization that gifts inclusive books to children with disabilities that represent their unique selves in a positive light.

Disability Horizons is an online lifestyle magazine that aims to help disabled people live the life they choose. In her debut picture book, Tony Award-winning actress Ali Stroker captures the magic and community of theatre. Here, our writer Raya Al-JAdir highlights 8 books that you should encourage children to read or local libraries to stock.

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