An acoustic guitar is basically a musical instrument belonging to the classical guitar family. Its strings are vibrated by a hollow metallic body on a resonating body to produce a sound wave in the air. A resonant cavity is made by arranging a number of metal cones or towers in a ring, thus creating an air column. This air column has different pitches that are tuned to create a particular sound. This is one reason why classical guitar music is very pleasing to the ear. It uses only two notes, therefore it is easy for the beginner to play it.

The basic shape of an acoustic guitar looks like a violin with a rounded body and a curved neck. The sound it produces comes from the individual strings. Because it is played through a hollow body, the vibrations have high frequencies. These vibrations make the sound come out clearly and easily.

There are two types of sound that can be produced on acoustic guitars. One is the direct sound which comes from the strings and the other is the indirect sound which is produced by the body of the instrument vibrating. The direct sound is mainly found on the open strings while the indirect sound is obtained when you play with the open strings but the body of the guitar vibrates. The shape of the neck and the fretboard also affect the sound that the instrument produces.

Classical guitarists prefer the classical sound and the sound are produced by the thick strings. On the other hand, jazz guitarist prefers the jazz sound produced by the thin strings. Acoustic guitarists who belong to the rock genre of music prefer the acoustic guitar with the thin neck and frets because they believe it gives a cool and soulful tone to the song. Some acoustic guitarists who are followers of the folk music believe that the guitarists belonging to this genre are not really professional because they do not use the professional tools like the electric guitar, and they are more into the music and emotion rather than the looks and appearance of the acoustic guitar.

Acoustic guitars are made by many companies including Yamaha, Jupiter, and Edicionados. There are even companies that sell complete series of instruments. The price of the acoustic guitar varies from one brand to another. Since there are so many models and brands of acoustic guitars, you need to be very careful before buying one.

You can go to your local music store for help or you can search the Internet to find the best beginner acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitars have a variety of sounds and they come in different sizes. If you are looking for a guitar that produces a classical yet cool sound then go for a classical acoustic guitar. For a jazz or rock sound, you can choose one that produces a rock-or-swing type sound. You can also get an electric or acoustic guitar depending on what kind of sound you are looking for.

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